Grand Voiture du

Grand Chef de Gare


Thomas Reesman
Voiture 1317

Tom Reesman has served as V-1317's Chef de Train, Guarde de la Porte, Commisaire Intendant (three years), Correspondant (eleven years), and Chef de Gare (seven years) and is currently the Chef de Gare Locale.

He has served Grand du Georgia as Guarde de la Porte, Directeur of Voiture Activities (eight years), Correspondant (four years), Grand Webmaster, and L’Editeur, Chef de Train for six years, Grand Directeur of Ritual, Grand Directeur Public Relations, Grand Webmaster, and Grand L’Editeur.

He served over 30 years in the US Army, the last ten as Command Sergeant Major and Senior Enlisted Leader from Battalion level to Theater Special Operations level. He culminated his service as the CSM of the Special Operations Command Central.