— Do You Remember —

Hey gramps! What is this? It looks pretty worn.
It's dusty and dirty and the corners are torn.

Oh, that! Well, it once was a symbol of hope
for people to grab when they ran out of rope.
Through all my years it served as a flag,
but today some would say, "it's a silly old rag."

How come the colors are red, white and blue?
Do they have any meaning for old folks like you?

Yes...they did at one time and we all understood
but memory fades...I can't think very good.
What each color means I cannot say ...I can't brag,
but...it really don't matter it's only a rag.

But Gramps what about all the people who died
to make sure that flag had a safe place to fly?
I know it happened I read it in your books
of dangers they faced and the chances they took.

The blood and the pain and the lives of those folk
were written away with one careless stroke.
So....many a person who fought for that flag
keep hidden in memories that silly old rag.

They figured if something that we held so dear
could be desecrated with no thought of fear
then WE must be fools each labeled with tags

So... why do you keep it, if that’s all that it is,
all wrapped in a package away from us kids?

It's a sign of rebellion from my younger days.
I'm telling those judges I won't go their ways.
to them it is nothing but silly old rags,
but to people like me it is The AMERICAN FLAG!