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Vancouver, Washington
September 10/14, 2013




Grand Du Georgia was pretty well represented with 10 Voyageurs and 10 Dames in attendance. Not bad considering the distance involved.


 Bob Molina being escorted in to receive the oath of his office as Chef de Chemin De Fer 2012


Time for the changing of the guard, as Bob Molina  takes the oath.


Becky Molina had the honor of placing the Chapeau on hubby Bob.


Then it was time for the rest of the National Officers to be sworn in.


Chef Hank had some nice words to say when he presented Kent with his Sous Chef Plaque.


The four Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer's were proud to display their plaques, for a successful year.


Big Chef Molina's first speech, this time his acceptance speech. He stated that it was a great honor and he would try hard to live up it the title.


Michael and Barbara Paul and Jackie Davis all dressed up for the banquet.


Madame La Presidente Moose Walsh and her bag man Tom watching all of the festivities.


The Sous Chefs Table


Irene and Dennis enjoying the banquet dinner with Debbie and Paul Douglas


It is customary each year that the four Sous Chefs  give the Big Chef a nice ring at the end of his term. Kent had the honor of representing the four Sous Chefs in presenting the ring.


Grand Chef Decker and Madame La Presidente Janet Walsh had a kodak moment with some of the Georgia attendees.


Grande La Presidente Walsh presented a check from Grand de Georgia in support of the Annual Children's party.


The annual Children's party, sponsored primarily by the National Boxcar Association, was a fun time. The children  enjoyed a nice meal & entertainment by the Hobo Clowns. The Georgia Dames joined in.


Sandy Wood gets the gavel from Installing Officer Berta Henderson.  The guy looking over her shoulder is her Step-N-Fetch It Mike.  Sandy is from Richmond VA.


The Early Bird Party was well attended, with everyone enjoying a great salmon dinner.


The attendees of the Early Bird party were treated to a very unique method of smoking salmon, the true Indian way.


College Park, Georgia




The Big Chef and the Little Chef:  National Chef and Locale Chef, Barry and Abbey


Big Chef Bovee was a good sport and took a turn in the Stocks for his pet program of the year, Box Car.


 Cabane 217 La Presidente Cathy Bell and her bagman Greg


The PG listens to his sentence

It was no surprise that Judge Bell showed no mercy and threw the book at him.


Bailiff  Ron Miller was just waiting with a smile on his face, to lock the perpetrator in the stocks.


It looks like the PG's lady was having too much fun decorating him with whipped cream


Doc Lafleur from Louisiana enjoyed giving Chef de Chemin de Fer "Wannabe" Pat Beamer the business


Pat says it was all worth it for Nurses Training


The Hospitality Room was crowded the whole weekend.


The Hospitality Room workers said their main job was to keep the guests fed and watered.


The Mixologist Jimmy and Hiram were keep busy.

Then it was time for the banquet. Chef Abbensett welcomed everyone then turned the microphone over to  MC Kent Molen


Words of wisdom from Chef de Chemin de Fer Barry Bovee.  The Hooch was a good place for Barry to get his feet wet as this was his first Official Visit since he was Installed at Promenade Nationale in Kentucky.


These two guys clean up pretty good don't they. Grand Chef Henry Alward welcomes the brand new Voyageur Militaire  Mike Thorne from Voiture 567 Savannah.


Chef de Gare Abbensett and Hooch Wreck Corp President Molen welcomed Chef de Chemin de Fer Barry Bobee to the 17th Annual Hooch Wreck.


Nationale LaFemme Ways and Means Co-Chairman Dean Beford and Carol Prichard show Chef Bovee and La Presidente Reisenweber a beautiful Copper Weather Vane that someone will win at the 2013 Promenade/Rendezvous in Airizona


Chef Abbey and  Martha  Abbensett enjoying the Banquet


National Aide de Camp Doug and National Sous La Presidente Diane Carignan from Michigan win the prize for traveling the farthest to attend the Hooch


Abbey, Kent and Jean say "We Hope you all had a good time and come back next year".




2011 President John Schnatz was dethroned as it is time for the changing of the guard.


General Secretary Mike "Chicken Legs" Paul congratulates incoming President Glenn Sparks as he hands him the gavel


Good crowd attended the banquet


Another view of the crowd


Yet another crowd shot


Then it was time for a photo shoot with Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer George "Doc" Willis and Grand Chef Roger Decker


The two Grand Chef's, Georgia's Decker and Alabama's Teddy Korson posed with the Sous Chef


Sous Chef Doc and his bride Joyce was the best couple on the floor. George and Joyce are from North Carolina

Grand Mid-Winter/Homecoming
Cartersville, Georgia


  Overflow crowd for the Cheminot. They had to bring in more chairs.
This is a good thing.
  Chef de Gare Decker expressed how pleased he was to have such a good turnout.
  Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer George "Doc" Willis was the honored guest. He had some kind words about Grand du Georgia


National Directeur of Membership Mike Wood was also in attendance and spoke about the importance of recruiting new members and  retaining the ones we have.


Chef Decker congratulated those Voitures that have already reached and surpassed 100%. Shown here presenting 100% Membership pin to Voiture 1226 Chef Jim Boggs.


Here Voiture 1229 Chef Bill Dempsey receives his 100% pin.
  Now we fast forward to the banquet where Voyageur Tom Walsh handled the MC duties, introducing the head table etc.
  Again the crowd filled the banquet room, all decked out in their fancy duds.
   Another crowd shot from a different angle.


After the great meal, it was show time!!!  A group of funny looking Moose surrounded Madame La Presidente "Moose" Walsh in a cute skit


Not to be outdone, another group of Dames sang and waved flags as they circled Grand Chef Roger Decker.


It is always a fun time when a group of Voyageurs and Dames get together and this was no exception.
  Then it was time for a photo op. Here LaFemme Nationale La Presidente Sandy Wood and Sous Chef de Chemin de Fer Doc Willis pose with the guests of honor, Chef Roger Decker and La Presidente Janet "Moose" Walsh
  These two lovely Dames need no introduction, it is Moose and Sandy
  Sous Chef Willis thanks Karen Decker's husband for a great weekend..
  It is not just Moose, it is Miss Moose, looks so pretty as she shows off her antlers.


Here we have Grand Chef Decker congratulating Locale Chef Bill Dempsey for the great job that he and his crew did in putting this event all together. It takes a lot of work from a lot of people and they did an outstanding job.


What can I say, here we have the guests of honor Grand Chef Decker and   Grande La Presidente Madame "Moose" Walsh.


This lovely couple is La Presidente Nationale Sandy Wood and her Step-N-Fetch-it Mike or otherwise known by his Indian name Ucancometoo.

Grand Promenade 2015
Columbus, Georgia